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At Lazarus Lawyers, we understand that a marriage or de facto relationship breakdown is a stressful and emotional time. We have a hands-on approach to help you successfully navigate the complexities of the Family Law system.
Lazarus Lawyers Consent Orders

Consent orders

We at Lazarus Lawyers pride ourselves on making every effort to settle your Family Law matter by consent. Settlement by consent is the most efficient and effective way to resolve parenting and financial issues.  Consent Orders can be entered into at any stage of your Family Law proceedings.  If you can arrive at a consent agreement early on in your matter, the Family Court will make the Orders you agreed upon without either of you having to appear at Court.

Lazarus Lawyers Family Law Areas Which May Concern You

Family Law areas which may concern you

We offer advice and court representation in relation to all aspects of financial and parenting issues including but not limited to the following:

Parenting plans, parenting orders in general, supervised time, drug testing orders, paternity testing, child support agreements, adult child maintenance agreements, International child abduction issues, recovery orders within Australia, overseas travel and passport issues, Grandparents applications for time with the children, Apprehended Violence Orders; and referrals to psychologists and relationship therapists

Financial Issues
Financial orders in general, spousal maintenance, joint valuations of property artwork or jewellery, caveats, injunctions to stop withdrawing from mortgages or freeze bank accounts, separating joint tenancies, referrals to forensic accountants, self-managed super fund specialists and mortgage brokers.

Children's Court Matters

The team at Lazarus Lawyers are specialists in all children’s court matters and our services are available to a broad range of clients.
Lazarus Lawyers Childrens Court Matters

Children’s Court Matters

We offer advice and representation of all matters that come before the Children’s Court concerning the Family and Community Services including restoration applications, parental responsibility issues, guardianship and contact orders.

Leading Property Law Firm

The team at Lazarus Lawyers are specialists in all property-related matters and our property law expertise and services are available to a broad range of clients.
Lazarus Lawyers Sydney Property Lawyers

Sydney Property Lawyers

Lazarus Lawyers are able to offer advice in all complex matters involving property particularly property within family trusts, property within self-managed superannuation funds and multi layered business entities, farms and country estates.

Lazarus Lawyers Property Conveyancing

Property Conveyancing

Lazarus Lawyers’ property law expertise allow us to extend our services to cover all aspects of property purchase including conveyancing. Our successful hands-on approach has allowed us to offer property legal services for over 30 years covering purchase and sales of assets and properties including strata company, off the plan, company titles, financing, refinancing and conveyancing solutions. We have a proven track record of effectively handling property legal matters to facilitate a smooth sale of real estate property from one party to another.

Specialist Estate Planning and Wills

At Lazarus Lawyers, we can ensure you and your family have peace of mind with the right legal advice when it comes to Estate Planning, preparation of Wills (including Testamentary Trusts), planning for business succession and tax effective Estate Planning.
Lazarus Lawyers Wills Estates Lawyers

Wills and Estates Lawyers

We also specialise in Estate Planning for dependent adults unable to look after themselves due to ill health, mental or physical capacity, drug and alcohol and/or gambling issues.

Lazarus Lawyers Planning Wills & Testamentary Trusts

Planning Wills and Testamentary Trusts

Lazarus Lawyers will guide you through every step to planning and creating a legally binding will (including Testamentary Trusts), Enduring Powers of Attorney, appointments of an Enduring Guardian, and effective tax planning for Estates.

From divorce settlements, child living arrangements, financial settlements and property settlement through to conveyancing Estate Planning Wills and Testamentary Trusts – Lazarus Lawyers has a proven track record in securing the right legal outcomes for our clients.

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